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What if my baby won't settle? In-Home Newborn Photoshoots

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

One of the most common concerns for new parents looking to book a newborn session is "what if my baby won't settle?".

Newborn babies are still adjusting to the world around them, bright lights, noises, sleepless nights, colic, feeding issues, new people, new does a photographer know what to do with all these challenges for a new baby?

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Let me put your mind at rest a little.

I am a mum of two myself so I have experience of new babies, however most of all, I understand what that means for you as new parents - a house full of visitors, new routines, hospital visits, midwife visits....the list goes on! That's why I bring the studio to you, with a newborn baby in the house, you have enough to organise without having to trek to an unfamiliar studio with such a tiny baby. My sessions are designed with baby in mind, they're relaxed, calm and peaceful.

From the perspective of babies, they are all so different and very unique. So how I do know what to do, you ask? I have spent a great deal of time training as a Newborn Photographer but I also take time to get to know your baby. All of my sessions are scheduled for 2-3 hours so we have plenty of time to go at baby's pace, I never rush them or push them into poses I don't think they will like. I use my skills to keep each baby calm and settled, and usually, nice and sleepy too.

Babies are so very different, some sleep lightly, some twitch and dream, some sleep like logs! Hungry babies, colic, windy, sicky, I've been pee'd on and pooped on, it's all in a day's work with new babies!

I like to keep the room nice and cosy while I work so baby isn't chilled when we wrap/unwrap them, which can often have the effect of sending Mum & Dad off to sleep as well! Part of the joy of being a Newborn photographer is that each day is different for me, each little person has their own personality, their own preferences, a hand under the cheek, holding hands with their twin sister, they have their comfy spots and favourite ways to sleep.

They're all very different and that's absolutely fine with me. And if for some reason baby just isn't happy and won't settle, I will of course rearrange the session for you at no extra cost.

So don't worry, enjoy the experience and look forward to some beautiful images of your new bundle!



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