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Newborn & Baby Photoshoots - What to expect from each different stage of baby's first year.

Updated: Jan 23

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What type of images can you expect from your newborn and baby photography experience? Well, the answer to this is…it depends!

The age of your baby is an important factor in determining what photos you can expect to achieve from your photography session.

In this blog, I’m going to be running through the different stages of your baby’s development and showing you what style of images you’re likely to get at each stage.

1. Newborn Photography

If you’re looking for the traditional ‘sleeping baby’ photos, like the ones you may have seen in the newborn gallery on my website, then it’s important to realise that these babies were just a few days old when those photos were taken.

Sleeping baby photos are usually done when the baby is between 4-21 days old. At this age, the baby is still very sleepy and curled up as they were in the womb. This is the perfect age for posed sleeping baby pictures. Newborn babies need a lot of sleep, tired after the efforts of being born. But as well as adjusting to his new life outside your womb, they're on a tremendous growth spurt and will need plenty of sleep to fuel this. Your baby may sleep for up to 18 hours over the course of 24 hours.

As the window of opportunity is so small for getting those sleepy photos, booking in advance of baby's arrival is always advisable. I'll save time in my diary for you whether they're early or late, once they've arrived, we agree on a firm date for the photoshoot.

Best time to book? 28-35 weeks of pregnancy.

2. 'Older' Newborn Photography

From around 4 weeks old, your baby will really start to change and be much more alert, having more awake time during the day & shorter naps.

While this means that we won’t be able to get the curled up, posed newborn photos, I’m still able to capture many wonderful images at this age. And personally, I love the eyes-open shots!

My Mini Baby photoshoots are perfect for babies of this age, we keep things simple and all about baby, choosing one set up and colour palette. Baby can be awake or asleep for the session.

Best time to book? Ideally within your pregnancy or within the first week of baby’s arrival.

3. Sit & Smile Photoshoots

Once you’ve moved on from the newborn stage, your baby will start to smile, giggle and interact with you much more, learning how to sit and roll. So, this is a really exciting phase! It’s a great time to schedule a 'Smiler' session with me.

This is when their personalities really shine through in the photographs. I love photographing babies at this stage.

Best time to book? Within the first 1-2 months of baby's arrival.

4. Celebration of their 1st Birthday

As your baby reaches that huge milestone – their first birthday – they are fast developing from a baby into a toddler. And as they become ever more confident, they have lots of new skills to show off to the camera. So, again, this is a great stage to photograph.

Babies of this age are often very mobile and eager to explore, I start the sessions with a relaxed play & get to know each other.

My portrait services for babies of around 12 months of age include cake smash and fruit smash sessions.

Best time to book? Within the first 6 months ideally to secure the date you're looking for, particularly if you will need a weekend slot.

To enquire or to book any of the sessions above, get in touch with me using the contact form here.

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