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How do newborn photographers settle baby?

Updated: Jan 23

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As a Mum to two girls and auntie/fake auntie to a few more bubs, I have a fair amount of experience with new babies, but as we know they're all very different! So, how do I go about settling a baby I've never met before?


I want you and your baby to feel relaxed and comfortable so you are able to feed on demand and put your feet up with refreshments. Each session is booked for 2-3 hours, which may at first seem like a massive amount of time just to take a few photos (right?) but in reality, one feed, change, burp and settle for sleep and we're already an hour in! I'm led by baby for the session, I never rush them, we go at their pace and keep the session nice and relaxed while I gently position them for the photos.


As I move through different poses and changes of fabrics and accessories, having a nice warm room helps to ease those transitions for baby. They stay nice and sleepy and the change of a wrap isn't as noticeable if they don't get a sudden draft or cold spot when I move them.

Feeding & burping

A baby with a full tummy, is (usually!) a happy baby - so that's where we always start. A good feed, and a good burp. There's no time limit, if your baby struggles with wind, reflux or colic, we can spend more time with winding before trying to settle them.


Something you may have noticed from the photographs on my website, babies are often wrapped in various fabrics. The wraps have a few purposes for new babies, they help to keep baby warm, feel snug and cosy and help to settle those involuntary hand and leg movements that often wake them.

Awake time

If your baby is wide awake but happy and settled, I'll go with their lead and capture some lovely awake shots for you. I love to capture those little yawns and stretches! I usually find they'll naturally nod off on their own after a little wriggle and kick around.

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