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What kit does a mobile photographer take with them?

Updated: Jan 23

Mobile Newborn photographer - Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire

Emily Rose, 13 days new, starring on the cover of Lots for Tots North Derbyshire this month!

You may be wondering, as a mobile photographer, do I really carry all of that kit with me to someone's house? And the simple answer to that is, no, that would be a pain staking task on it's own never mind settling the baby! So, here's a little sneak into my world of creating these special images for you....

For each and every new baby I have booked in for their Newborn Session, I have a plan - colours, hats, accessories, backdrops, poses, parent poses, siblings, dogs, cats.... each and every one is different. It's individual to you, and your new baby.

Part of that planning includes one of these images, known in the photography world as a 'digital backdrop'. I have a huge selection available and plenty more if you have a certain colour or 'mood' in mind, maybe something to reflect the month or season your baby arrived in. I plan for the elements to match and then edit two images together after the photoshoot.

Here I've merged the two photographs below into one 'composite' image (above). A slight colour change to blend the two and you have a brand new image!

Here's a beautiful new one I have ready for a baby girl that arrived recently...what do you think? Perhaps you're expecting a winter baby soon, what colours would you choose?

If you would like to book a Home Comforts Newborn Experience for your baby, send me a message here

Coming soon....

October is Pregnancy, Infant and Child Loss Awareness month. This is an opportunity to recognise the unique grief of bereaved parents, and offer comfort and support to the many families who have suffered such a tragic loss. I would encourage everyone to have a look over at Joanne Lewis Photography 's beautiful project, The Travelling Dress, Joanne is sharing people's personal stories to help bring comfort and raise awareness, follow the link here to read more about it and look through the photos from the project. You can read her latest blog at

Next week, to mark the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week (9-15th October) I'll be sharing my story with you about why I volunteer for Remember My Baby, a very special charity offering photography services for UK parents experiencing the loss of their baby before, during or shortly after birth.

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