Meet Kathryn

Mum of two girls, Graphic Design graduate, Croupier, Planning Manager, Client Relationship Manager, and now a Portrait Photographer....My career has had many twists and turns along the way, as many parents will relate to usually crafted around my main job as a Mum!

Creativity has always been at my core, building bookends during school DT classes, building websites, designing wedding invitations in my spare time, designing magazine layouts at University or trying my hand at Interior Design as a more mature student, it's who I am and what I love most - working in offices for years I really missed being creative. I'd take every opportunity I could to dip into projects with even the slightest hint of design involved!

My camera was never far from my side since studying film photography, and developing my own images in the dark room at University. Here I learnt the base skills key to my now career.

Maternity leave and the arrival of my second baby gave me an opportunity to escape the office for a while and spend a little time doing what I love (in between nappy changes & feeds of course). A close friend asked for help with some photos for her Mum's at a local baby group, and I jumped at the chance! Studying photography, lighting, and editing are never a chore simply because I love what I do, and I continually seek to improve both for me and for my clients.

I'm very proud to have the opportunity to work as a Volunteer Photographer for the charity Remember My Baby, working in hospitals across the East Midlands to support families suffering from the loss of a baby, something which is particularly close to my heart.

Safety is paramount when working with a Newborn Baby, I practice and advocate safe posing techniques at all times and refresh my training regularly. I'm fully insured and have trained with Newborn Specialist Trainers.

If you would like to know more about me or what services I offer, please do get in touch!​


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