Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the session take place?

All newborn sessions take place at your home so that you can relax and enjoy your session. All my equipment is fully mobile, I’ll just need a little space to set up and move around baby, near a window is always great. I also have a little fan heater that I’ll bring along to keep the room warm for baby.

For older children and family lifestyle photoshoots, we use your home/garden or a location of your choice as the natural backdrop to your photos. These sessions are relaxed, I go where you go and tell the story of your family, your favourite places, how you are together. An autumn walk with muddy puddles or maybe a picnic in the park, whatever you enjoy doing together.

What happens at a Newborn photoshoot?

A newborn photo session is a gentle, calm, slow session where I persuade your sleeping baby to curl up into gorgeous poses to create adorable images. I will start by getting baby sleepy and happy, maybe wrap her snuggly, then use gorgeous outfits and maybe some containers too. I will get to know your baby, what she likes to do, what she doesn’t, and will ensure she is happy throughout.

When do Newborn sessions take place?

Newborn sessions are best when your baby is between 3-21 days new,  this is because they are still tiny, sleepy and have that gorgeous newborn curl.

When should I book my newborn session?

I book a limited amount of sessions each month so that each client receives my personal attention. To ensure your desired session time please contact me as soon as you know you would like to book a newborn session. Most bookings are taken after the 20 week scan.

How do I book a session when I am not sure when baby will be born?

I will pencil your due date in my calendar as soon as you book. you will then contact me when your baby arrives to schedule your session.

My baby has already been born can I still book a session?

Yes! while generally I book newborn sessions many months in advance, given the necessarily fluid nature of scheduling newborn sessions, I sometimes have last minute openings. While I recommend that the newborn sessions are done within the first 2 weeks of life I am happy to photograph older newborns (please see Newborn 1-4 months session), with the understanding that it may not be possible to achieve the type of images that work with a very young newborn.

How long does a Newborn session last?

For very young babies (3-21 days old) the sessions are between 2-3 hours depending on your newborn. Baby runs the show, and everything is done at her pace. We take time to settle, feed, change, cuddle and soothe. Then when I start the posing its all done slowly and gently and I don’t clock watch, and I won’t rush baby.

Is it safe?

In short, yes. Your baby’s safety and comfort is my top priority. I take great care to watch her temperature, circulation and comfort are never compromised.

What if my baby cries or doesn’t settle?

Many parents worry ahead of their session that their baby will cry and I won’t be able to get the images they hope for. Rest assured that the session is very calm and relaxed, and that includes the baby. All newborns cry sometimes, and if your baby does we will take our time and make sure he is happy again with feeding or winding, just as you would at home. Babies I am posing sometimes squeak a little when moved while asleep, but you don’t need to worry about him screaming and preventing the session from running smoothy. If for any reason I feel he is unhappy with what I am doing, I will stop. No image is more important than his comfort.

What if my baby makes a mess on your things?

I’ll be photographing your baby without a nappy, so I am amazed when baby doesn’t mess on me or my things. This is totally normal, and it really isn’t a problem.

Can siblings and parents be in a few images?

Yes of course, if you are wanting this then please discuss with me before your session.

Can I request certain poses or images I’ve seen on other photo sites?

If there is something that you have seen please discuss this with me before your session so I can prepare what I need to do it. But please know that I will not create images that I deem unsafe and I will not guarantee any pose as every newborn is different and may not want to go in the pose you have requested.

What should we wear?

Simple is best. I photograph newborns wearing nothing or with minimal clothing supplied by me. I recommend that the rest of the family wear clothing that coordinates without matching exactly. Children should wear clothing they like and are comfortable in, although it is best to avoid busy patterns and logos.

How many images will I get?

How many I take depends on your baby on the day, but usually when you come back for your ordering appointment I will show you between 20 and 25 hand edited images for you to then purchase from.

What happens after the session?

Within approximately two weeks of your shoot I will create a private online gallery of hand-crafted images for you to view at a time which is convenient for you. Once full payment has been received I will begin putting together your order. Most items can be delivered within 2-4 weeks; however, this can be longer for some products.



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